The story behind tiny mindful

tiny mindful is all about inspiring fellow mindful-aspirants to take baby steps towards living a more mindful life. It’s about acknowledging that life is busy, and “everyday” things get in the way. It’s also about acknowledging that taking small, consistent steps towards change is worthwhile, and leads to incremental change.

My name is Suzanne Whitby. I am as ordinary as they come: I work too much, don’t exercise as much as I ought, probably over-indulge in vino bianco and pink Prosecco, and promise to find time for the things that I live whilst being distracted by the “priorities” on-screen. But no one is one thing. I am also a Yin Yoga and Pilates teacher, a sensory experience creator, a communication specialist, and someone who is doing what they can to tread more lightly on the earth. I fail (often), celebrate successes (occasionally) and strive to do better (often)!

Join me if you’d like to learn and grow without any holier-than-thou judgement!

Suzanne Whitby